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If you have been browsing Aussie Casinos, you know that I specialise in all things online gambling, particularly in the Australian market.


Best Australian Crypto Casinos Online

Howdy, fellow casino players. It’s Bart again, with another comprehensive Aussie online casino guide. This time, I will focus on crypto casinos in Australia and all you can expect from them in terms of transactions, games, bonuses and more.

If you have been browsing Aussie Casinos, you know that I specialise in all things online gambling, particularly in the Australian market. The best part is that it offers a plethora of options to players eager to enjoy their favourite casino games online.

These options include crypto transactions, among other things. Although digital money is still somewhat of a novelty, I assure you that you can use it to securely make online casino payments and wager on your favourite pokies, casino classics and other games.

Join me in this adventure and learn all you should know to successfully use cryptocurrencies at online casinos Australia.

Top Aussie Casinos with Cryptocurrencies

Before getting into details, let me introduce you to the best crypto casinos for Aussie players. I have tested them all and ensured they meet all the criteria I apply when reviewing and rating online casinos. So, whichever of the gambling sites listed below you choose, you can expect a top-notch gaming experience in a safe and fair environment.

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What Is Crypto Casino?

A crypto casino is a gambling site that accepts cryptocurrencies. Some online casinos let players transact only in cryptocurrencies. Still, those catering to Australian players are mainly hybrid, meaning you can use AUD and virtual currencies to settle your payments and cash out your winnings.

Now that you are familiar with the feature that distinguishes crypto casinos from standard gambling sites, I will introduce you to the digital currencies you can use when gambling online.  

Most Common Cryptocurrencies Accepted by Aussie Online Casinos

The list of accepted cryptocurrencies varies from one casino site to another. However, some virtual currencies are more widespread. Hence, you will encounter them more often at online casinos. Here is a lowdown on the most common cryptocurrencies you can use to play online casino games in Australia.


The first and most popular virtual currency in the world is also the most common cryptocurrency you can use at Aussie online casinos. Launched back in 2007, it revolutionised online payments, excluding intermediaries like banks and payment service providers from the equation.

If you plan to use Bitcoin for online casino payments, remember that it is the most volatile cryptocurrency. So, please pay attention to its price and use it cautiously.   


Like Bitcoin, Ethereum ensures safe and swift transactions. In fact, its network is considered one of the fastest, with transactions verified within 14 seconds only, so you can get your funds transferred in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Ethereum transactions incur almost no fees, one of the biggest advantages of using this digital currency for online casino payments.


Whereas Bitcoin is known as digital gold, Litecoin is commonly called digital silver. It was one of the first cryptocurrencies to be launched after Bitcoin and shares most features with it. Being decentralised, Litecoin also eliminates any middleman. As a result, your transactions can be confirmed within 2.5 minutes on average.

Litecoin is also a cost-efficient option, with a fee per transaction being around $0.03. For instance, Bitcoin transactions incur fees of up to $2.50.

Bitcoin Cash

While it is based on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash can make a better payment option, especially for casual players. It is cheaper to obtain, and BCH transfers cost less, incurring fees below $0.01 per transaction. Bitcoin Cash transactions are verified faster, so it can be a perfect fit if you are looking for swift casino transactions.


If you want a cryptocurrency with a stable price, Tether or USDT can be the best option for you. It is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, with its price being $1 (USD).

As such, Tether is considered one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin. It is not only less volatile than BTC but also guarantees faster transactions at lower fees.   

Crypto Casino Games

At the best crypto casinos catering to Australian players, you can enjoy all the games available on traditional gambling sites and more. These casinos also offer so-called provably fair games, letting you check the fairness of each round. They are based on blockchain technology, which makes this possible.

At the same time, crypto casinos offer specialty games you can’t play elsewhere. The most popular among them are so-called crash games, which I particularly enjoy because of their fast-paced gameplay.

The best part is that crypto casinos offer titles not only from established providers such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play but also from new kids on the block, specialising in crypto-friendly casino games. Now, let’s learn more about games exclusive to crypto-friendly casinos.

Crash Games

While they may be popular with the general audience, crash games are huge within the crypto community. They let players place bets and guess when an aircraft will disappear, explode or crash, hence the name. Your success depends on how well you predict when to cash out. The more you wait, the bigger your payout can be. Still, cashing out earlier involves less risk.


Dice games come in all shapes and sizes, from Sic Bo to Craps. However, crypto casinos also offer unique dice games that are not available at traditional casinos. Although rules and gameplay may vary, in most cases, you place a bet to predict whether a die or dice will roll a total over or under a specific number.

When playing dice games, you should pay attention to the level of risk involved. The higher the potential prize, the higher the risk. So, like other casino games, dice games should be played responsibly.


Another game based on sheer luck you can enjoy at crypto casinos borrows its concept from the popular TV show The Price Is Right. It’s all about placing a bet and waiting for a disc to fall between pegs on one of the multipliers at the bottom of the playing area.

Most Plinko variants let you adjust the volatility level, meaning you can choose from various bets, with those paying higher prizes less likely to win. You can also change the number of pegs, with more pegs meaning higher payouts and more risk involved.  


Inspired by the popular game Minesweeper, Mines is a crypto casino game in which you place a bet and click on the grid to reveal stars and avoid mines. Payouts increase with each successful attempt, and revealing a mine ends the round. The good news is that you can cash out whenever your guess is correct.   

Like other crypto games, Mines lets you adjust settings and the level of risk. The expanded grid means more opportunities to win, but at the same time, more mines to activate. So, use these options responsibly.

Crypto Casino Bonuses and Promotions

The universe of crypto casinos is exciting because of the attractive incentives you can enjoy from the moment you create an account. They are designed with casual and high-rolling players in mind, so you can easily find a bonus or promotions to suit your playing style. Below, I discuss some of the most common crypto casino offers for Australian players.   

Deposit Bonuses

Like traditional online casinos, most crypto-friendly casinos offer deposit-based bonuses. For starters, you can claim a welcome bonus or package, offering a match bonus based on your first deposit or a series of initial deposits. The operator always limits the maximum amount you can redeem and sets the minimum required deposits.

Some deposit bonuses may also require bonus codes you must enter to activate them. To redeem the bonus offer successfully, please follow the instructions.

Some welcome packages include free spins in addition to deposit bonuses. These are typically awarded in batches of 10 or 20 over several days.

Another deposit bonus type is a so-called reload bonus, available to existing players. It functions in the same way as a welcome bonus, meaning that you must make a minimum deposit to unlock it. Typically, crypto casinos offer them weekly as a regular promotion.

Whether you use welcome or reload bonuses, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must study the terms and conditions to get familiar with all the rules. They include the bonus amounts, timeframes, wagering requirements and more.

Please pay attention to bonus amounts, as they may be expressed in BTC only. To know the actual value of the offer, you should convert the amount into the cryptocurrency you want to use.

Still, the most accurate bonus value is indicated by a wagering requirement. At the best crypto casinos in Australia, wagering requirements are around 40x. If a rollover is set above it, I find it predatory.      

Free Spins

Next to deposit bonuses, free spins are the most common incentive available at Aussie crypto casinos. These bonuses can be offered upon registration as a weekly standalone promotion, loyalty program reward, or tournament prize.

New players at some crypto casinos can redeem no deposit free spins upon signing up. As mentioned above, free spins can also be included in welcome packages. In that case, a deposit is needed. Most standalone promotions where you can grab free spins also require a deposit.

As for loyalty programs and tournaments, free spins can be claimed upon meeting certain requirements. For instance, you may need to collect a certain number of comp points to qualify for a free spins bonus or occupy certain positions on a leaderboard to win free spins.

In most cases, you must meet wagering requirements to turn your free spins winnings into withdrawable cash. Some casinos also offer no wagering free spins where you can keep your winnings up to a certain amount set by the operator. Not many crypto casinos in Australia offer such a bonus, though.

Cashback Bonuses

Playing casino games is all about luck, so you win some, you lose some. The good news is that some Aussie crypto casinos let you recoup a share of your losses with cashback bonuses. They are usually based on the losses generated while playing eligible games within a set period.

Sometimes, these bonuses carry no wagering requirements, so the money you get back is awarded as real cash you can withdraw or wager it further. Some casinos offer cashback bonuses to live casino players, who typically can’t take advantage of regular promotions, targeting pokie players.  


Tournaments are a common feature of crypto casinos in the Land Down Under. While exploring Aussie-friendly crypto casinos, I’ve encountered tournaments geared towards pokie and live casino players. While each competition has its unique set of rules, they are all based on the same principle: you must climb the leaderboard to win more valuable prizes.

Some tournaments offer cash rewards that can be cashed out immediately, and others offer bonuses and free spins with wagering requirements attached. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to study the terms and conditions and see whether a specific tourney suits your preferences.

Loyalty Programs

Like standard casino sites, those accepting cryptocurrencies value regular players and tend to reward them for their loyalty. That’s precisely what loyalty programs are for. They include various perks to motivate players to return and wager real money on their favourite games.

At Aussie crypto casinos, loyalty schemes may include incentives like special bonuses, free spins, birthday gifts and more. Other perks of being a VIP player may be lower wagering requirements, higher withdrawal limits, personal account managers and more.  

Crypto Transactions at Online Casinos Australia

Making deposits and withdrawals in crypto at Aussie casinos is a breeze once you figure out how digital money works and get hold of it. But first, let me introduce you to crypto wallets, which you will need to transfer money to and from your casino account.

Crypto Wallets: Getting Started

The first thing you should know about crypto wallets is that they do not store virtual money. Instead, they store so-called private keys necessary for managing and transferring funds.

Aussie players can choose from several types of crypto wallets based on who manages their private keys and whether they are connected to the internet. First, we have custodial and non-custodial wallets.

  • Custodial wallets
    As their name suggests, custodial wallets involve a third party responsible for keeping and protecting your private keys. These wallets are mainly offered by exchange platforms and can be a perfect option for beginners as they are easy to use.

    At the same time, if you choose a custodial wallet, you let a third party manage your sensitive information. This can be a problem if the service provider fails to prevent a cyberattack.

  • Non-custodial wallets
    If you want full control over your crypto assets and the private keys needed to use them, non-custodial wallets are a perfect fit. However, they require more experience, as you will be fully responsible for managing your private keys.

    The good news is that no one will have access to your data. Additionally, these wallets prioritise security, so you should not worry about third-party interference.  

    Next, we have hot and cold wallets. Bear with me as I’ll explain the key features of both crypto wallet types below.

  • Hot wallets
    These crypto wallets are always connected to the internet. They have a user-friendly interface, and as such, they are the preferred option for most crypto users.

    However, as they operate online, they are more exposed to potential cyberattacks and are not suitable for managing large amounts of cryptocurrencies. You can choose from web (browser-based), mobile, or desktop hot wallets.   

  • Cold wallets
    As you can guess, cold wallets work offline. They come in two types: paper and hardware. The former is an analogue option, with your private keys written manually or printed. As for the latter, cold wallets are devices like USB drives you can connect to the internet to process a transaction.

How to Deposit with Cryptocurrencies

Once you have decided which crypto wallet you want to use and obtained the desired digital currency, you can sign up with the Aussie crypto casino of choice and make a deposit. To complete a payment, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the cashier: Click the Deposit button to get the casino’s address and copy it.

  2. Go to your crypto wallet: Enter the casino’s address by pasting it and complete the transaction.

  3. Wait for your funds to arrive: Depending on the cryptocurrency you use, you may wait a few seconds or a few minutes for a deposit to be processed.

When making a deposit, make sure to enter the correct casino’s address. Crypto transactions are irreversible, so you must make them carefully.

How to Withdraw with Cryptocurrencies

Crypto casino withdrawals don’t differ much from deposits. You must have enough funds in your bankroll to request a cashout, like when using fiat money. Once you have met this requirement, here’s what you should do.

  1. Open your crypto wallet: Click on the receive money tab and copy your wallet address.

  2. Go to the cashier: Request a cashout by clicking the Withdraw button and pasting your wallet address.

  3. Wait for a withdrawal to process: The time needed for withdrawal processing depends on several factors, including whether the operator imposes a pending time. However, in most cases, at Aussie crypto casinos, you should not wait more than 24 hours to receive your winnings.
    Crypto Transactions Fees and Timeframes

The best Australian online casinos, like the ones I recommend, do not charge transaction fees. However, each crypto network has fees, so consider them before opting for a cryptocurrency. At the same time, fees may vary depending on when you make a transaction.

As mentioned above, timeframes also vary based on your chosen currency and other factors. Anyways, crypto transactions are considerably faster than those carried out in AUD. 

Bart’s Take on Cryptocurrencies for Online Casino Banking: Pros and Cons

To conclude this guide to crypto casinos in Australia, I will share the pros and cons of using digital currencies for online gambling. Consider them when deciding whether to play with fiat or virtual money.

Crypto Casino Pros

Crypto Casino Cons

Anonymous transactions

Require learning how cryptocurrencies work

Lower transaction fees

Some cryptocurrencies can be volatile

Shorter transaction times

Not all crypto casinos are regulated and licensed

Provably fair games

Games exclusive to crypto casinos

Online Casinos in Australia FAQs

1. Is crypto gambling legal in Australia?

Online gambling is not regulated in Australia, but playing casino games online is not prohibited by the law. So, you can use cryptocurrencies to play at Aussie online casinos.

2. Can I use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw at Aussie online casinos?

Yes, Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies accepted by the best online casinos Australia.

3. What cryptocurrencies do online casinos in Australia support?

Besides Bitcoin, Aussie online casinos also accept Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether, to name a few.

4. Do crypto casinos in Australia offer welcome bonuses?

Absolutely. In most cases, your deposit will be matched with a bonus when you register with the best online casinos in Australia.

5. Is it safe to use cryptocurrencies at online casinos Australia?

As long as you sign up with trusted crypto casinos in Australia, like the ones listed on this page, you don’t have to worry about safety or fairness.

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