In 2017, Evolution launched the first-ever live casino game show, Dream Catcher. The following year, it launched the beloved Lightning series. This was the start of Evolution’s dominance, with a constant stream of ingenious games.


Best Evolution Casinos in Australia

Evolution is a world-class live casino software provider. The studio creates industry-changing games, with titles like Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time. These games completely changed the live dealer landscape and raised player expectations.

Unfortunately, Evolution’s releases tend to be rare at Australian casinos. That is why I went out of my way to find the best Evolution casinos in the Land Down Under. My name is Bart, and I’ve been writing about iGaming in Australia for several years. In this article, I’ll be using my experience to help you find the best Aussie casinos to play Evolution live dealer games.

Where to Play Best Evolution Games in Australia

When deciding what online casinos to recommend, I look for more than them having Evolution games. I also check the quality of their promotions, other games, supported payment methods, and more. If you’re looking for a great venue to try Evolution releases, any of the following sites will do.

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Evolution History and Games

Evolution was founded in 2006 and initially focused on providing quality live dealer versions of popular table games. By 2013, the developer had over 100 live tables accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

In 2017, Evolution launched the first-ever live casino game show, Dream Catcher. The following year, it launched the beloved Lightning series. This was the start of Evolution’s dominance, with a constant stream of ingenious games.

Of course, with so many thrilling releases available in Evolution casinos, figuring out where to start can be daunting. I highlight some of Evolution’s most popular releases below to help you find your new favourite games.

Evolution Live Casino Classics

While the team is best known for their innovative games, their casino classics are just as impressive. They have Evolution’s polish and offer interesting takes on well-known titles.

Infinite Blackjack

Before Infinite Blackjack, almost every blackjack table had a limited number of players. The developer took a different approach with Infinite Blackjack, allowing an unlimited number of people to join.

Evolution made this possible by dealing a two-card hand to every player. They are free to play the hand how they like. Even if you fold, the game will continue, accommodating others who choose to hit.

Gold Vault Roulette

Gold Vault Roulette shows that even minor adjustments can result in a game that feels substantially different. The core gameplay remains the same as in other European Roulette games. The only difference is in the bonus game.

Gold bars are revealed at the start of every round and placed on random bet spots. Each bar has a 50x multiplier, which you can only win with a Straight Up bet. Up to three gold bars can be stacked on one bet spot, resulting in up to 150x multiplier. Finally, there’s the elusive Super Gold Bar worth 500x.

Double Ball Roulette

Evolution was the first live casino solutions provider to offer Double Ball Roulette. The risk has paid off tremendously, as the game provides a truly unique experience.

New betting options are available because of the two balls, allowing for payouts of up to 1,300:1. Additionally, existing bets are more likely to win, which is why they deliver lower payouts.

Peek Baccarat

One of the core rules of gambling is preventing the player from seeing cards ahead of time. For the studio to break away from this norm requires boldness few developers are capable of. Peek Baccarat breaks this fundamental rule, creating a game like no other.

After peeking, you’ll have the option of doubling or tripling your wager. If you’re confident your chosen hand will win, this can help you win a bigger payout.

Craps Live

Craps is a game that’s present in just about every brick-and-mortar casino. However, it requires a different player to throw dice every round. Because of that, creating a live casino version of Craps couldn’t be done. At least, until Evolution went ahead and pulled it off by introducing a robotic arm.

I like the inclusion of an Easy Mode and an interactive Craps tutorial built into the game. They allow newbies to learn the ropes while playing.

Evolution Lightning Series

I cannot discuss Evolution’s best games without mentioning the series that put them on the map for many players. It all started with Lightning Roulette, which earned Evolution countless awards for innovation. What followed were some of the best releases this software provider has ever created.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

While Lightning Roulette was a great game when it launched, the following releases made it feel a bit barebones. XXXtreme Lightning Roulette was Evolution’s way of refreshing their most iconic release and bumping up the volatility. The game is played on a European Roulette wheel, with a single zero and 36 red and black numbers.

The game selects up to 10 Lightning Numbers every round, which appear with random multipliers up to 500x. New to this game are Double Strikes, which can potentially increase the multipliers up to 2,000x.

Lightning Blackjack

Applying multipliers to blackjack isn’t as easy as to other casino games. After all, there is a certain expectation for strategic play in blackjack that isn’t required for other live casino titles. Striking the right balance between luck and skill while adding multipliers is challenging, which is why Evolution took its time with this release.

Lightning Blackjack gives players a multiplier ranging from 2x to 25x on a winning hand. The multiplier isn’t applied right away. Instead, it is saved for the next game round, boosting its payout.

Lightning Baccarat

Multipliers in baccarat feel so natural that Evolution tackled the idea twice. Lightning Baccarat and Golden Wealth Baccarat won us over equally with straightforward and fun gameplay.

Five random cards are chosen from a 52-card deck to become Lightning cards, displaying multipliers ranging from 2x to 8x. If a hand includes several Lightning cards, their multipliers are multiplied. This can create a mouth-watering jackpot worth 310,720:1.

Evolution Live Casino Game Shows

Game shows helped Evolution become the live casino juggernaut players love. These titles combine live casino action and familiar game show elements, like the money wheel concept.

Monopoly Live

The number one spot has to go to Monopoly Live. Other game shows are great, but none of them recreated the Monopoly board. Available bonus features are also Monopoly-themed, taking the form of Chance cards.

The game uses a 54-segment wheel, which determines whether you trigger a bonus feature or win a cash prize. The more lucrative betting options appear on the wheel less frequently, keeping things balanced.

Crazy Time

When designing Crazy Time, Evolution wanted to create a game all about bonuses. Hence, they added four distinct features that made this game show irresistible.

Cash Hunt offers players a shooting gallery. Coin Flip determines the winning side with a coin flip. Pachinko tasks players with guiding a falling puck to the bottom. Finally, Crazy Time spins a virtual money wheel that can award massive prizes.

Funky Time

Most studios would be content after launching a wildly successful game like Crazy Time. Instead, Evolution opted to one-up themselves by making Funky Time. It has many new and exciting bonus games where you can win big.

You pick one of three glasses with hidden multipliers in the Bar bonus. The Stayin’ Alive bonus game uses a ball machine, with the colour of the balls determining whether you get better multipliers or lose. Finally, Disco and VIP Disco bonuses have you joining Mr Funky on the dance floor, collecting multipliers until he falls off.

Evolution Live Poker Games

Last but not least are Evolution’s live poker games. They may be more niche than other releases, but still have a sizeable and loyal following. Most players are attracted by their amazing quality, while the rest are tempted by the progressive jackpot available at some Evolution casinos.

Casino Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker currently on the market. Naturally, that means Evolution has its version: Casino Hold’em. The goal is to beat the dealer using the two cards dealt to you and five community cards on the table.

The game has a single side bet, which pays out if a Pair of Aces or higher is dealt in the first five cards. It’s simple in concept, but luck and skill are needed to make it happen.

Side Bet City

If you were bummed about the lack of side bets in Casino Hold’em, then Side Bet City is what you need. The developer forgoes traditional poker bets in favour of simplicity. You can bet whether a win will happen with a three-card, five-card, or seven-card hand.

You also can also wager on the All Lose option. Furthermore, playing a combination of all the listed bets is also possible for better odds of winning.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a simplified version of poker games like Casino Hold’em. Instead of dealing with community cards, the player and host receive three cards. Fewer card combinations make learning how to play this variant easier.

There are two side bets in this release. The first rewards you for forming a pair or better with the three cards dealt to you. The second wins if you create the best five-card poker hand using all the cards on the table.

Best Bonuses to Play Evolution Games

Now that you are familiar with the best Evolution games, let’s check online casino bonuses you can use to play them.

Deposit-Based Bonuses

The most common bonuses you can claim at Evolution casinos are deposit-based ones. You add money to your account and the casino gives you some extra bonus cash.

To turn some bonuses into real money, you can only wager on pokies. That is why I suggest always checking the T&C before accepting any offer. Additionally, I recommend sticking to casinos where welcome and reload bonuses are explicitly designed for live casino games.

Cashback Bonuses

Occasionally, gambling sites will offer cashback bonuses, paying back a portion of the money you wagered or lost. Because cashback recoups some of your losses, you can have an additional opportunity to win.

If you can find exclusive live casino cashback bonuses, I recommend taking them after double-checking if the terms are fair.

Live Casino Promotions

The best Aussie casinos aren’t afraid to get creative with live casino promos. Some of them award you for achieving specific results. For example, scoring three double-sevens in a row while playing Casino Hold’em can win you a cash prize. These promotions are rare but rewarding, so watch out for them.

I also like tournaments on live casino games, where players can compete against each other for a place on the leaderboard. Usually, they are free to join but you must wager real money to qualify for a share of a prize pool.

Loyalty Schemes

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for online casinos to offer no promotions for live casino games. However, at most online casinos, Aussies can take advantage of loyalty schemes. They can reward them with loyalty points redeemable for bonus cash and other incentives.

Bart’s Take on Evolution Games and Why You Should Play Them

In many ways, Evolution has single-handedly pushed the concept of live casino games forward, with every title I’ve tried being a treat. Because of its commitment to innovation, I never felt bored while playing Evolution games. Even when a specific game wasn’t my cup of tea, I appreciated the effort put into making it.

If you want the best live dealer games in the Australian iGaming market, give Evolution games a go – you won’t regret it.

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Online Casinos in Australia FAQs

1. Can Australians play Evolution games?

Yes, the best Aussie-friendly online casinos let you play Evolution games.

2. Can I win the progressive jackpot while playing Evolution poker games at Australian casinos?

Yes, some Autralian casino sites offer Evolution poker games with a progressive jackpot.

3. What are the most popular Evolution games among Australians?

The most popular Evolution games among Australians are Crazy Time, Lightning Baccarat, and Monopoly Live.

4. Are Evolution games fair?

All Evolution games are thoroughly tested to make sure the outcome of each round is fair and truly random.

5. Can I play Evolution games at online casinos Australia for free?

Unfortunately, Evolution releases can only be played with real money.

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